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Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance

Whether your Tennis Court Maintenance is ClayTech, concrete or asphalt-based, regular maintenance will keep the surface in good condition. It is important to check the surface for cracking and to have them filled as soon as they are apparent, as a minor cracking situation may eventually lead to an extensive resurfacing project. It is also a good idea to caulk and seal the expansion joints if possible. This will prevent water from entering the base and causing settlement or heaving problems.

It is a good practice to do a yearly inspection of the entire court. If you notice any cracking, or any areas that are a lot flatter than the rest of the court it is recommended to have resurfacing done. This is a much less expensive procedure than major reconstruction.

Choosing the Right Tennis Court Paint for Long-Lasting Beauty

During the fall the courts should be cleaned of leaves and pine needles and kept free of organic debris all winter. This helps to keep the court clean and free of mold & mildew. A light detergent solution (one part mild detergent, two parts trisodium phosphate, four parts water) should be used to scrub any stains that occur on the court.

The courts should be observed periodically after a rain to see if any areas have developed a low spot that drains more slowly than the rest of the court. If these areas develop it is necessary to patch them by scarifying the area, placing new material, leveling with a straight edge and hand watering.

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