Day: February 16, 2023

Bariatric IronBariatric Iron

bariatric iron

Iron is a crucial nutrient for all of us, but it is especially important to those who have undergone bariatric iron | Bariatric Fusion surgery. It is important for proper tissue growth, bone health and cellular function.

The amount of iron required by your body depends on a few factors: your diet, how much you lose through the bowels, and how many times you urinate. In addition, your blood levels can fluctuate from time to time due to different causes and medications you may be taking.

Bariatric Iron: Why It’s Essential for Post-Surgery Health and How to Get Enough of It

When it comes to dietary iron, you can find it in a number of sources. Some of these sources are meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dark green leafy vegetables and beans, and even some fruits.

Some of these foods also contain vitamin C, which can help increase the absorption of iron by your intestines. However, you should be sure to take your iron supplements at different times throughout the day. This will allow your intestines to absorb it at a better rate and help prevent stomach upset.

The best way to get iron is through a supplement that your

Bariatric Iron

team prescribes. Generally, this means one that contains ferrous sulfate, which is a more easily absorbed form of iron that your gastrointestinal tract can handle. It is a common choice for bariatric surgery patients because it is easy to swallow and has a higher bioavailability.